Frequently asked questions

Is 'Going Solar' easy?

Yes! A FreeWorld partner will install your solar system as quickly as possible so you can lower your energy bill and begin living on clean energy. The switch is so easy, you won't even notice a difference inside your home when you switch over to solar energy.

What is the average cost of going solar?

The cost of a rooftop solar system depends on your location, size of house, roof layout, and energy usage, but residential solar systems cost between $12,000 and $40,000, with an average cost of around $15,000

What is the lifespan of a rooftop solar system?

Solar is a durable source of energy, and most rooftop solar systems produce energy for 30+ years. FreeWorld has 25-year warranties on all components, so you can enjoy a worry-free installation knowing that we have your back!

How much money do I need to put down up-front?

Our Solar Loan options are $0 up-front payment, meaning you can install rooftop solar and begin saving with no out-of-pocket costs!

Who is FreeWorld Solar?

We are a platform which offers homeowners a better way to access renewable energy through solar: - Homeowners save money by reducing monthly energy bills - Homeowners are self-sustainable, independent, and generate free, clean energy - Homeowners add tens of thousands ($$$) to their home value with solar technology - Homeowners reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change We believe business is more than profits. We try to embody the virtue of altruism by using profits towards philanthropic projects: - FreeWorld donates a portion of profits to charitable FW Rebuild Projects

How long does the process take?

After gathering your information and energy usage: - We will generate a custom proposal for your house within 2 days - Once an agreement is made, our site inspector will visit and review your house for eligibility - After site inspection, we submit all permitting documents to your city within a week - After receiving the permits from the city, we will schedule an install at your house to start you on your clean energy, money-saving adventure! Full process takes 45-60 days from proposal to install, but can be shorter depending on the responsiveness of the city permitting process.

What is the FreeWorld Process?

We aim to create a process which is personal, efficient, and fair to homeowners who wish to educate themselves on the value of using clean energy. 1) After analyzing the home's energy use profile, our FreeWorld team generates a proposal which outlines the design of the solar system and estimated savings for the home. 2) If the homeowner wishes to proceed with the project, our FreeWorld platform obtains project cost bids from multiple installers in our vetted installer network. 3) Homeowner may choose which installer is best for their solar project, and confidently begin their clean energy future!

How does FreeWorld ensure the quality of the Solar Installer Network?

We strive to only partner with the highest rated solar installation companies. FreeWorld uses a scoring system of 10+ attributes to ensure the quality of the solar installers used for each project. Installer partners with the highest quality scores are presented to the homeowner for selection. Metrics: - Installer Warranties (Term, coverage) - Installer Experience (Years in business, # of projects, areas served) - Installer Certifications (NABCEP, ICC, ISEA, SEIA certified) - Installer Ratings (Google, AngiesList, BBB, etc.) - Installer Reviews (Responsiveness, Professionalism, Friendliness) - Installer Historical Power Generation (MWs, production estimates met) - Installer Installation Timeline (Avg. # of days) - Installer Equipment (Solar panels, inverters, racking, etc.)

What sets FreeWorld apart from solar installation companies?

We use an unbiased process for educating homeowners on the benefits of using clean energy. The FreeWorld Platform allows homeowners to educate themselves about solar, analyze the investment for their home, and make an informed decision without pushy sales people or 'hard selling'. We realize the modern consumer requires comparison of multiple solar installer bids. Each FreeWorld proposal features bids from at least 3 top solar installers, from which the homeowner may choose. We serve as solar educators. The homeowner is able to view ratings and reviews on each installer who bids for their project. Installer profiles ensure the homeowner is able to make an informed decision for their solar installation.