Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to source my product?

This highly depends on the nature, complexity and requirements of the product you are looking for. Generally it can be said that for a simple product it takes at least 2 weeks to create a list of potential factories. For complex products which involve the sourcing of components and sub-suppliers it can take 2 months and more.

Can I trust Yoffi Ltd. to conduct business in my interest?

Absolutely! Trust and Transparency are two of our main values. For all projects we strictly follow our communication policy and inform our clients with frequent updates and access to cloud based project files. Kickbacks and other offerings from suppliers are a red flag and will not be tolerated.

Are you a registered company in Mainland China?

Yes, we are a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) registered in Shanghai and therefore are capable of: issuing tax invoices, hiring employees and signing binding contracts under chinese law.

Do you offer Legal Services?

One of our partners is a BAR certified lawyer and can offer legal services for international contracts, patents, NDA, etc.